Our Latest Work

IT Strategy and Roadmap Development for a leading web commerce company:

SysLogic advisory services for the design and development of a multi-year application strategy roadmap, outlining anticipated technical and resource investments. This engagement included providing guidance, coaching, and technical writing support to the Information Technology Team to help develop and document the Information Technology Strategy. The strategy documentation included a current state assessment, business strategy map, strategic initiatives, target state description, and a plan for the activities and IT investments recommended for the next 3 to 5 years.

Information Technology Assessment and Roadmap for a designer and manufacturer of hydraulic and electrohydraulic controls:

SysLogic performed an enterprise assessment of the IT alignment, structure, capability and competency in supporting the company’s short and long-term business objectives and operations. The engagement provided the company with an informed, neutral-party viewpoint on the positioning of current IT investments and performance against management’s identified and perceived expectations, and highlighted gaps toward realizing a desired IT resource composition. Reviewing the company’s IT landscape via a structured methodology served as a baseline for identifying technology-based improvement areas and subsequent IT investments, focused on enabling and securing business mandates. In performing the IT assessment, SysLogic was guided by an overall target design of optimal processes, applications, data and technology that reflected the requirements of the enterprise business model and goals. IT activities were prioritized toward those anticipated to yield the highest business value, competitive advantage, or satisfy operational and organization reporting requirements.

Project Management and Business Analysis for a large regional bank:

SysLogic provided key project management expertise and leadership to support a global banking acquisition and other major IT development initiatives. Our project managers ensured the project deliverables met client standards with quality, timeliness and within budget. SysLogic managed the planning, preparation, and maintenance of project resource and activities in order to meet these standards. SysLogic Business Analysts provided requirements planning, elicitation, analysis, documentation, communication, solution assessment and validation to ensure project success.

Application Security for a global technology and industrial leader serving customers in over 150 countries:

SysLogic provided guidance, tools and support to implement a security development lifecycle complete with training, threat modeling, attack surface review, and penetration testing. The expert cyber security advice and verification allowed the company to build and manage a comprehensive cyber security program and increase confidence by providing ongoing visibility into the current state of security within each product.

Business Intelligence program for a commissioned community service agency providing community health and safety insights in support of variety of local agencies and organizations:

SysLogic helped launched a Business Intelligence program focused on creating a centralized data hub. The vision of the data hub was to integrate disparate information from public service organizations and community agencies to better understand factors that directly impact health and safety issues. The objective was to provide unbiased and evidence-based intelligence, critical in delivering the best programs possible. SysLogic’s Information Management team developed business and technical strategies communicated through a variety of channels, including documented strategies, roadmaps, and presentations. The data hub initiative continued to expand and has integrated data from law enforcement, health agencies, court entities and community service providers. With the foundation of proper strategic planning, the organization is achieving their mission of improving health and safety providing evidence based insights to the agencies, organizations, and communities they serve.

Custom application design and development for a provider of revenue cycle management services for healthcare facilities:

SysLogic designed and developed a system to align and support the company’s medical claims fulfillment processes with the goals of reducing dependencies, reducing cost, enhancing the system via optimizing throughput and smarter processing and positioning a solution for future opportunity.