Managed Security Advisory Services

Managed Security Advisory Services

Cyber weapons are widely considered to be in their infancy and are expected to rapidly evolve over the next decade. Newer technologies such as cloud computing, social networking, and the proliferation of mobile devices have resulted in an increased demand for Cyber Security, and increased cyber-attacks. Cyber Security and associated threats transcend the public and private sectors and are growing in frequency, complexity, and risk magnitude.

SysLogic leverages a combination of business and technical expertise focused on understanding Security and its domain landscape from an integrated, holistic perspective; it is a deliberate and logical framework to support the synergism of our clients' security goals with their business objectives.

Foundational Services:

  • Awareness & Training
  • Best Practices & Standards
  • Standard Security Controls
  • Automated Tool Support
  • Third-Party Security Management
  • Overall Security Health Status Reporting

Application Security Services:

  • Application Security Software Development Life Cycle Support
  • Application Security Architecture for SaaS, PaaS and Integrated Systems
  • Centralized Authorization Platform Management
  • Coding Guidelines
  • Tools Suite ID and Selection
  • Security Audits; Detailed Source Code Review

Verification and Support Services:

  • Sales function support for internal and external Security questions (e.g. Help Desk)
  • Specialized Security Requirements Assessment and Monitoring (e.g. Government, Military, etc.)
  • Ongoing MSAS Program KPI Management

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